Leadership Chattooga 2019 finished up their last session on November 21st.

They began the day as one large group, then split up into two teams: Hoodlums and C-TESTS.
Each team had a list of items or things to do around the county. Photos or videos were the proof of completing a task, and many of those were posted on Facebook. The Hoodlums started off strong, choosing to start in downtown Summerville, but the C-TESTS won the challenge 83-72.
Keeping the same teams, after lunching at the Civic Center, the group headed to Rome’s Colosseum Escape Rooms. The Hoodlums nearly mastered the more-difficult The Blind Pig room while the C-TESTS were seconds away from escaping the Rome Room.
Cindy Rivers with the Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce says, “The relationships this class has formed with each other, with their instructors, and with the community, which they may have called home for a long time,..these relationships, and the skills they have learned to build on these relationships, will help the Leadership Chattooga Class of 2019 lead, follow, listen, collaborate, serve and thrive as better citizens of Chattooga County.”
Spots are available for the Leadership Chattooga 2020 class.  For more information contact Cindy Rivers with the Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce.