The House and Senate are in recess until Mon. March 8th.  This break from business on the floor will allow time for both chambers to work on the big budget while they wait for the February revenue collections report.

There is concern that the governor’s revenue estimates for both the 2010 Amended Budget and the 2011 Budget might be too optimistic.  For the first seven months of this 2010 fiscal year, ( July through January ), revenues are down almost 13% from 2009.

The Amended Budget has passed the House and Senate but will not go to a Conference Committee until February revenues are reported. This budget has already been cut from $16.1 Billion to $14.6 Billion.  I did not vote for the Amended Budget because cuts to education require additional furlough days for teachers and public safety funds are drastically cut resulting in our Crime Lab and 2 others in the state closing.