In a Newsmakers Interview heard on AM 1180 this past week, Chattooga County School Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman said that the county school system continues to tighten its financial belt.

Since being appointed school superintendent Mr. Lenderman has reduced the staff in the central office.  Also the school system has been working to reduce utility costs.  Lenderman said that this is being accomplished through conservation and elimination of wasteful practices. 

According to Superintendent Lenderman the school system is working to reduce a $13,000 per year bill for parking lights at Leroy Massey Elementary School and over 75% of those lights are not working.  Lenderman said that he is working to get the cost of those lights reduced.  Also the school system has negotiated with Windstream to replace an outdated phone system at no cost.

AM 1180 will re-broadcast the interview with Superintendent Lenderman this afternoon around 4:40 PM before the 5 PM newscast.