The issue of Gun Control is always a hot button political issue in national elections.  In the local elections for the Georgia Senate and Georgia House all of the current candidates would consider themselves "pro-Gun" and against most gun control issues.

Both incumbent Senator Jeff Mullis, a Republican from Chickamauga and incumbent State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, a Democrat from Menlo, have been given an A+ rating by the National Rifle Association.

Their challengers also could be considered pro-gun.  According to "Project Vote Smart" ( Republican Betty Brady is a member of the National Rifle Association.   Brady also states on her campaign web site that she would "support the Second Ammendment."   Brady is seeking the 11th District State Representative Post. 

Bruce Coker, a Walker County Democrat, running against Jeff Mullis for the 53rd Senate seat states on his web site that he is pro-gun but would support a limit on some assault type weapons.