Customers of United Community Bank are being affected by a new banking scam. According to Michael Infante, vice president of corporate communications, bank officials first became aware of the scam Wednesday morning after being notified by several customers and other banks.

They were told that people received a phone call from a supposed United Community Bank official who told them their debit card had been locked and they needed to press one to remedy the situation. He said officials are not sure what would happen if one is pressed but is pretty sure doing so where one would get into the system where their banking information would be asked for. Locally, customers have been receiving a text telling them their accounts have been compromised.

Infante says they think it’s the same scam. He says United Community Bank does not telephone, text or email customers asking for banking information. And customers should not respond to emails or texts and should hang up on any phone calls in which callers represent themselves as bank officials. He said he has no idea how many people have been affected by the scam and the bank is working with security companies trying to find the source of the scam and a way to stop it.