One of the major issues on the minds of some Chattooga County residents is the safety of the bridges in the county.  One concerned Lyerly resident spoke at last night’s county commissioners meeting about the Lyerly Dam Bridge Closing.  The resident was not sure as to the necessity of the Georgia D.O.T. decision in closing the bridge.  Commissioner Winters assured those in attendance at the meeting that there were liability issues with the bridge and the county had no choice but to close the bridge.  Winters did point out that the bridge was built out of heavy material and that both he and the D.O.T. believe that the bridge is repairable.   Winters has accepted an agreement between the county and Engineer Hatch Mott MacDonald to provide engineering services for the rehabilitation of the bridge at Lyerly Dam Road.  Winters said “We are hopeful that with careful planning to be able to repair the bridge.”  Winters promised to have more information at the next commissioners meeting in February.