Lyerly Elementary School is the winner of the fourth annual Agricultural Awareness Week Observance Award. “Georgia farmers continue to make our state one of the most vital and diversified farm economies in the nation,” said Gov. Sonny Perdue. “Agriculture Awareness Week gives our students the opportunity to learn how this evolving industry impacts the citizens of our state.”
During National Agriculture Week of March 16-22, fifth grade classes all across the state were encouraged to participate in events and classes to help students learn about agriculture, Georgia’s oldest and largest industry. By using agriculture as a teaching tool for science, math, language arts and social studies, the students learned the origin of food and fiber, the economic and environmental contributions of agriculture and the impact of agriculture on society.
The Lyerly Elementary class was judged as best in the state for using innovative teaching techniques. During the week the students learned about the impact of farming on the economy, the impact of farming in their own lives, the kinds of products produced in Georgia and how Georgia ranks nationally in the production of various agricultural products. The Lyerly students, led by teacher Jill Pledger, learned about Georgia agriculture through several creative avenues. Aside from learning about plant classification and proper care for dairy cows, the students participated in a mock CSI investigation where they had to analyze and interpret the impact of shared water resources.  It was the unique nature of the program that distinguished Lyerly from the many other worthy finalists.