Tired of paying Summerville for water, the City of Lyerly will spend almost $5,000 hoping to get lucky and find its own source on city property.

The council voted unanimously on Tuesday to pay a Texas-based company $4,795 to test for possible water sources at the city park.

Councilman Josh Wyatt acknowledged that there is no evidence to suggest that there is water at that site, but said the town needs to find an alternative source of water.

Wyatt told his fellow board members that from 2006 to 2009 Lyerly paid Summerville more than $300,000 for water.

“Just imagine the good projects we could have done with that money,” Wyatt said.

Previous administrations have also tried to find water sources in the city, but either the water wasn’t there or the yield was so small as to not be worthwhile.

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