The Town of Lyerly has been underpaid in excise tax since the new package store opened. That according to Lyerly Mayor Josh Wyatt at last Thursday’s town council meeting.

Wyatt told the council that since the local package store opened it has come to his attention that the excise tax checks are being underpaid. At present, Wyatt and the town clerk have to retrieve invoice information from the stores to compare to the received checks. Wyatt presented a sample from John’s Creek of an excise tax return form. The council will need to amend the current ordinance to require the form, and Mayor Wyatt hopes this will ease the process of auditing records.

Each wholesaler will be required to send the forms in with their remittance each month. Wyatt will have the town attorney look into the needed amendments for the current Distilled Spirits Ordinance. So far this year, about $5,000 dollars has been recovered due to mistakes.