Area law enforcement officials have received several complaints lately regarding yet another mail scam – this one using the name of Reader`s Digest.

The scam involves a letter which appears to be from the publication, with the letter including what appears to be a check for a large sum of money, as part of a so-called, `Reader`s Digest Lottery`.

Police say that one of the checks turned in, was for $3,579 with instructions then asking that person to send back $2,681 via Western Union.

How the scam works is very simple – while the victim waits for that bogus check to clear the money they send to the scammers is real.

When the bank contacts the victim, and informs them that the check is no good – that person is out what they thought they`d won AND the money they sent to the con artist.

Anyone receiving such a letter or any suspicious letter asking that money be sent by telegram service – should contact their local authorities, and make a report – no matter how convincing it may appear.

Always verify any source prior to sending money anywhere, and as the old saying goes – `if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is`