Emergency responders including Redmond EMS and Floyd County Police were on the scene at a home near the Pocket area after a man collapsed and died in the woods.

The initial call came in around 8:15 AM Sunday from a home in the 4400 Block of Everett Springs Rd., just south of The Pocket Recreation Area where a 50 year-old man had collapsed while around 2 miles back in the woods and was not breathing.

The distance and terrain prompted the Fire Dept.  to begin to mobilizing its resources, as they requested Truck 29, their general-purpose 4×4 pick-up truck. They also put Floyd EMA on standby in case their 4-wheelers and manpower were needed.

According to inital reports, there were two people with the victim at the time of his collapse. One of them made his way out on a 4-wheeler to bring rescue crews in while the other remained with the man, performing CPR. The man on the four-wheeler was able to take a Redmond EMS crew to the scene before Truck 29 arrived.

It is still unclear exactly how the victim died.