Faus Group Inc. said it is moving forward with previously announced plans to expand production at its Calhoun plant.

The $40 million expansion at the former OMC building will include installation of a fourth press and second milling line, said Gonzalo Frey, CEO of Faus Inc.

The expansion will give Faus the capacity to produce 100 million square feet per year of high-end laminate flooring, Frey said.

Faus’ motivation behind this expansion is to achieve manufacturing proficiency and knowledge from Europe to Calhoun, and increasing its manufacturing capacity, the company said in a release. The increased production volumes will provide the consumer with more cost-effective, high-end laminate flooring.

Jimmy Phillips, president of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, said the company has not revealed the number of jobs that will be created.

The company began U.S. operations in July 2006 after purchasing the former Outboard Marine Corp. property, a 78-acre, 400,000 square feet facility in Calhoun.

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