A lucky winner of the giant jackpot bought their ticket in the Bronx in New York City Mega Millions officials said. The other ticket was sold in San Gabriel, California. The two winning tickets are now each worth $166.5 million. The winning numbers were – 1, 17, 31, 37, 54 and the MegaBall 31 – The total jackpot was up to $333 million.  "That’s a third of a billion dollars," marveled Mega Millions spokeswoman Jennifer Givner. "It’s the fourth-largest lottery payout in North American history."  After taxes, the cash payout is estimated at $210.4 million. If no winners emerge, the jackpot will go up to $430 million – the largest lottery payout ever.  Next Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing is estimated to be around $12 Million.