A good friend and an unexpected thunderstorm led to two Mentone girls getting to meet their favorite star.

But ask them and they’ll tell you it was no big deal.

L.C. Moon and Ben Keener and their daughters were invited to Tybee Island, Ga. by friend and Mentone resident Susan Van Appledorn, who works on the set of Miley Cyrus’ new upcoming movie “The Last Song. The husband-and-wife co-owners of the Wildflower Café didn’t really know what to expect, so they didn’t tell their daughters Zoe Lovechio and Sarah Keener.

On the set on Aug. 3, the cast and crew were forced under a tent after lightning was spotted close by while filming on the beach. While waiting out the storm, Lovechio, 10, and Keener, 13, watched as Cyrus paced by them a few times.

It was kind of exciting, but I was more excited when I heard I was going to meet her than when I actually met her,” Lovechio said. “All we did was shake hands and say hi. I got a picture with her.”

The girls got the chance to give Cyrus a cowboy hat designed by folk artist Scott Thomas, whose work is sold at the café.

“They weren’t star-struck,” Moon said. “That’s the weird thing about it. She was just a normal teenager headed for her next class. That’s why I wanted to take them to show them that she’s just a person. They already knew that. In the moment, they were just completely relaxed.”

Moon said Cyrus also commented on her dress, saying she liked it. She said both girls want to be actresses, so it was exciting for them to be on the set of the Disney movie.

The family got to eat lunch with the cast and crew, and now have the picture as a memento of their vacation when the girls go back to school. Lovechio starts fifth grade at Moon Lake Elementary School on Friday. Keener started seventh grade at Gaston High School on Monday.

“The Last Song” is described in reports as a drama centered on a rebellious girl who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father. Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect. In addition to Cyrus, the movie stars Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston. The movie is expected to be in theaters in January.

Ft. Payne Times – Journal