Romenewswire is reporting missing Rome woman Delores Stocks has warrants out for her arrest.  Stocks was spotted at a Mississippi CVS pharmacy according to authorities last week, however her husband Clifford Stocks said she was not actually found.  Stocks said even though she was spotted at the CVS trying to fill one of her prescriptions, at the time he had not heard from her.  Local authorities contacted the local Mississippi authorities to have them confirm that indeed it was Ms. Stocks but by the time they arrived, she was gone.  According to Romenewswire, sources say that Stocks has surfaced again, this time in Louisiana after a reported auto accident. Sources say it appears that she is now on her way back to Floyd County. Romenewswire has confirmed that local misdemeanor warrants do exist for Stocks. According to Lt. Dave Roberson with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, the warrant for Ms. Stocks does not stem from her disappearance.