CALHOUN — After battling in court for six years, Mohawk Industries and attorneys for current and former employees who sued the firm claiming their wages were depressed by the hiring of illegal workers have settled the suit for $18 million.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs will seek a third of that award, according to Howard Foster, one of those attorneys.

Approximately 48,000 former and current hourly-paid Mohawk employees will be able to file claims from the remaining portion of the fund. Foster said they will receive a claim form in the mail.

“If they are a legal worker, they will receive a portion of the settlement fund depending on the number of hours they worked at Mohawk during the class period,” he said. “The longer you worked, the more you’ll get back.”

If 48,000 workers divide $12 million, that would work out to an average of $250 per worker.

The majority of the settlement funds will be contributed by Zurich American Insurance Co., Mohawk’s insurance carrier. Mohawk has also agreed to conduct training regarding the verification of employment eligibility.

Mohawk did not admit to any of the plaintiffs’ claims.

Dalton Daily Citizen