Newspaper readership is continuing to decline in the United States.  In fact a recent PEW Poll found that newspaper readership is down 40%.  The decline is being felt by some of the largest newspapers in the country with one declaring bankruptcy yesterday.

Meanwhile, more Americans are getting their news on the internet.  According to the Pew Research, 44% of college graduates and 11% of high school graduates get their news almost exclusively on the internet.  The study also found that online advertiseing is affecting consumers spending habits as well.

Newspapers aren’t the only sector of the media that are loosing out to the internet, the major cable and network news stations are also seeing a decline in viewers. 

Meanwhile according to the Business News Examiner, AM & FM radio listenership has seen a 33% increase in the United States in 2008.  That means about 3 million more people are listening to the radio this year then they were last year, bringing the total number of radio listeners in the United States to 235 Million people.