About 30 workers have been laid off from The Gas House, a metal fabrication and stamping company in Fort Payne.

Owner Don Stout confirmed the layoffs late Thursday, the largest in the history of the company, first established in 1958.

Stout cited economic slowdown as the reason for the layoffs. He said orders at The Gas House, which manufactures metal parts for a wide range of customers, are currently down by about 50 percent.

“I’m sorry,” Stout said. “The people who lost their jobs on Thursday are really more like family to me than employees. It’s just a sad time.”

Stout said he is hopeful business will pick up again and some, if not all, of the workers let go Thursday can be called back.

He said he’s also hopeful there will be no additional layoffs of the 170 remaining Gas House employees.

Ft. Payne Times Journal