Company Officials announced on Friday that DeSoto Mills in Fort Payne will close, leaving 104 without jobs.

The announcement comes on the heels of the layoff of hundreds of workers from Cooper Hosiery in Fort Payne. DeKalb County Economic Development Agency Director Jimmy Durham said Thursday Cooper laid off about 269 workers in December.

John Shivel, Sr., vice president of communications for Fruit of the Loom – DeSoto’s parent company – said the company’s Fort Payne facility would begin permanently shutting down beginning on or around March 9. He said the mill would be completely closed by June 1.

He said the shutdown is the result of "continued consolidation efforts by the company to remain competitive in a global competitive market."  He said sales and support operations would be relocated to the company headquarters in Bowling Green, Ky., while distribution operations would be absorbed into the company’s other existing distribution centers.

Durham said he hopes DeKalb County is nearing "the end" of hosiery mill layoffs.

Durham said, despite the downturn, some local hosiery companies such as Renfro Hosiery  are performing well. He said there are plans for expansion at Renfro.

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