State climatologist and meteorologist have been saying for months now that what the drought stricken areas of north Georgia needed was a tropical storm to bring much needed rain fall to the area.  Thanks to what was Tropical Storm Faye, our area is seeing some of that rain.  Weather forecasters are giving a near 100% chance of rain today for most of North Georgia as the slow moving remains of Faye move over the area.  Yesterday at Richard B. Russel Field there was 1.84 inches of rainfall recorded with more rain falling over night.  Meanwhile emergency management agencies across the state are monitering creeks, rivers and roadways for potential problems.  Some areas have already received more than 3" of rainfall.  Just a few days ago our area was 9.25 inches behind on total rainfall for the year and experts are saying that the tropical moisture we are experiencing will help that rain fall deficit. Chattooga County and surrounding areas remain under a flash flood watch today.