With the 2010 legislative session approaching in Georgia, State Senator Jeff Mullis is renewing his efforts to pass a resolution to prevent the coummunity service organization ACORN from receiving tax dollars.  According to ACORN’s web site the organization has offices in 27 states, but none in Georgia. 

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio received a press release today from Senator Jeff Mullis’ office stating that the senator that represents Chattooga County along with Walker, Dade and part of Catoosa County will continue the push to revoke the embattled community service group ACORN’s tax exempt status.  A search of ACORN’s web site did not yield any information about any activity by the organization in any of the four counties in Georgia that Mullis represents.

Senator Mullis began the push against ACORN during the 2009 legislative session and according to the press release Mullis will "focus specifically on removing the tax-exempt status of ACORN’s subsidiaries, and will include other provisions necessary to prevent taxpayer money from being funneled to the organization."

Congress recently voted to strip ACORN of it’s federal funding after repeated criminal investigations and allegations of voter fraud against the orginization.