ATLANTA (March 10, 2009) – Sen. Jeff Mullis (R- Chickamauga) released the following statement after the state Georgia General Assembly passed the amended Fiscal Year 2009 budget, fulfilling its Constitutional requirement to balance the state budget before the end of the fiscal year which ends June 30. 

“Today the Georgia General Assembly passed a balanced budget that meets the essential needs of our state during these challenging times in our economy, cutting nearly $2 billion from the original 2009 budget,” said Mullis.  “We accomplished this without raising taxes and without adding excessive earmarks and pork.  While Washington was busy spending more money, Georgia was successfully prioritizing needed projects and cutting wasteful spending.”

Highlights of House Bill 118 include reducing state government by almost $2 billion, protecting the $428 million Homeowners’ Tax Relief Grant, cutting state legislative office budgets by 8 percent, restoring the mental health funds, addressing consumer protection by providing for 4 new food safety inspectors, and achieving $10.5 million in savings from lower interest rates after selling state bonds. 

Mullis praised the fact that Georgia has maintained the state’s triple-A bond rating, which is vital to stabilizing the state’s economy because it keeps interest rates low.  The triple-A ratings reflect the highest rating available to government issuers.

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Sen. Jeff Mullis serves as Chairman of the Transportation Committee. He represents the 53rd Senate district which includes Chatooga, Dade, and Walker counties and portions of Catoosa County.  He can be reached at his office in Atlanta at 404.656.0057 or by email at