State Senator Jeff Mullis is touting the transportation plan passed by a Senate Committee this week as being “revolutionary” in the way transportation planning and funding is done in the state of Georgia.  However, some local officials are concerned about the plans being developed by the governor and Republican leaders. The new plan would reduce the power of the State Department of Transportation, transferring most of its power to a new board that would be appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor and the speaker of the house.  Local officials are concerned because it would do away with regional representation from all of the state’s 13 representative districts.  One local official told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that if the new transportation board is anything like the state wide water planning authority that was created, Chattooga County would not have adequate representation. Mullis is also the sponsor of the TSPLOST bill that would change the way transportation tax is collected. Mullis represents Chattooga, Walker, Dade and part of Catoosa Counties in the state senate.