Chickamauga Republican Sen. Mullis offered “Plane Train” legislation last week through Senate Resolution 117, which supports the creation of a magnetic levitating, or maglev, train connecting Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta to the Chattanooga Municipal Airport.

If passed, this would be the first maglev of its kind in the U.S. and second in the World.

“Creating the Plane Train would make Georgia a worldwide leader in transportation innovation,” Mullis said. “This would alleviate many of the mass transportation issues between Chattanooga and Atlanta, while also improving regional and local economies.”

A maglev train is a form of transportation that levitates, guides, and propels vehicles using electromagnetic force. This method of transportation is much faster, safer and cleaner than wheeled mass transit systems, potentially reaching velocities comparable to turboprop and jet aircraft.

Sen. Mullis has maintained that constructing a high-speed train will be much cheaper than building a new airport to serve the state’s northern region.