Halloween turns into a nightmare for residents in a Catoosa County neighborhood after a woman is shot to death in her home.

After searching, Catoosa County deputies say the man responsible for these shootings is in jail where he now faces charges for his estranged wife’s murder and aggravated assault for shooting another man.

It was a scary scene on State line road just after 8, Halloween night police are called after shots rang out.
The shots heard in this neighborhood left one man injured and started a manhunt for her estranged husband.
Today we spoke to one woman who says she was walking to that home to trick or treat as everything unfolded.

"There was another lady coming up the raod saying there’s a man shooting go back, so i went down there and witnessed him coming out of the house," says the witnees who would only identify herself as Lynn because she’s afraid of what she saw.

"I didn’t think it was real, I thought it was a halloween prank until I got down there and seen the blood," says Lynn.
The manhunt ended in Walker County when hours later police arrested, Terry L. Hagan.

They say Hagan got into a fight with a man in the front lawn, shot him in the arm, then went inside the home and shot his estranged wife in the chest.
Police say the woman died from her injuries at the hospital.

"It’s a shame, it’s a horrible shame nobody needs to die like that," says Lynn.
While they did not want to be interviewed we witnessed family members clinging to eachother at the loss of their loved one.

"If we would have been there one minute quicker, it wouldn’t have been a good thing. Because we had three little kids with us, and the kids would have been in her house," says Lynn.

The Sheriff’s department says this is the first homicide in Catoosa County this year.