The murder trial of a Hays State Prison inmate, 26 year old Sira Juddin Qudir got underway yesterday in Chattooga County Superior Court.  Qudir is charged with the 2007 felony murder of another inmate at the prison stemming from an incident almost a year ago when Qudir alledgedly kicked a beat a fellow inmate who later died.  Jury selection was completed yesterday and the prosecution began calling wittnesses in the trial.

Also it was reported yesterday that two of the witnesses in the murder case, who are incarcerated at Hays State Prison had been assaulted.  According to information received by AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio News, both inmates who were scheduled to testify in the murder trial were stabbed at the prison, one on Monday night and another on Tuesday morning.  No word as to the identity of the two men or their condition.  Stay tuned to AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio News for more updates.

The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department  arrested Sira Juddin Qudir earlier this month at and charged the inmate with Aggravated Assault and Felony Murder after a grand jury indictment.  Information from the Georgia Department of Corrections indicates that Qudir was serving a 20 year sentence for a 1997 Armed Robbery in DeKalb County Georgia.