North Georgia EMC urges its members to be aware of thieves posing as utility workers. Reports from a neighboring utility in Tennessee suggest that scam artists are calling or visiting homes and telling the resident that they are an employee of the utility, that there is a problem with the meter and there will be a small fee for the service.

North Georgia EMC does not charge fees to perform routine meter checks. Under no circumstances will NGEMC personnel appear unannounced and ask to enter your home. Nor will they ask for payments, credit card information, or any other personal information while visiting a premise or contacting a customer via telephone. 

In order to operate and maintain the electrical facilities, NGEMC employees require access to the premise for the purpose of power restoration, system maintenance, and meter reading.  However, NGEMC employees or contractors will not need to come inside your home to provide these services.  If someone asks to enter your home, saying they are with the local utility or NGEMC, do not let them in, unless an appointment has been set up beforehand. NGEMC or TVA contracted energy service technicians do enter your home at your request, to perform prescheduled inspections on heat pumps or for energy evaluations.  These representatives will be carrying a company identification badge.

In January, workers with an authorized contract company called Apex Covantage, Inc. will be changing out meters in the NGEMC service territory. Apex workers will be identifiable by marked utility vehicles, uniforms, and identification badges, and will carry a letter of authorization from NGEMC. NGEMC personnel also drive marked utility vehicles, carry company picture identification badges, and wear clothing with the company logo.

NGEMC offers the following tips to stay safe from scam artists, imposters, and thieves:

  • Never give out credit card or other personal information to telephone solicitors.
  • If someone comes to your door, claiming to have an appointment with you and saying they are with a utility company, call the utility provider for verification.
  • If you question whether someone claiming to be with NGEMC is an actual employee or contractor, ask for identification and call your nearest NGEMC office to check their status. NGEMC has offices in Dalton, Calhoun, Fort Oglethorpe and Trion. All NGEMC workers carry an ID badge with company name, employee name and picture.
  • Always report possible fraud or scams to local law enforcement and the local utility.
  • If the person at your door is not authorized or if you feel threatened or in danger, call 911 immediately.