Branson Machinery LLC the company that distributes Branson Tractors held their National Dealer Meeting in Rome this week.  On Friday dealers from Canada and the United States gathered at the Forum to hear about the new direction of Branson Tractors.

Last year with the lagging economy and the possibility of a merger, Branson Tractors had experienced sluggish sales.  Chattooga County resident Glen Ezell, Vice- President of Branson Machinery, told dealers that Branson is launching a new direction with the development of "Team Branson."  The company is now lead by Mr. Young Nam who took over the helm late last year.   Ezell said that the company is looking forward to the future and Branson Tractors is now on the right track to see improvement in sales and marketing.

Dealers from as far away as California and Nova Scotia attended the three day meeting which wraps up today.