Chattooga County is ready for an election board, that is the determination of many political leaders in the county.  However there will be no election board bill in the Georgia Legislature this session.  Chattooga County Probate Judge Jon Payne along with Commissioner Jason Winters have expressed the desire to see an election board put in place, but because of differences between Representative Barbara Massey Reece’s plan and Senator Jeff Mullis’ separate plans in the House and Senate no bill will be forthcoming this legislative session.

Representative Reece told AM 1180 by phone on Tuesday evening from the capital in Atlanta that the bill the Senator Mullis was planning to introduce in the State Senate would have some differences in how the board members were chosen from the bill that she had worked on.  Reece had consulted with Judge Payne, Commissioner Winters and county attorney Chris Corbin about the bill she planned to introduce.  Reece stated in her weekly legislative report:

I received a letter from Sen. Mullis explaining his intention to amend the bill after he had “…taken the time to discuss this bill with my base of support.”  The Senator proposes numerous, substantial changes to the bill.  The elected officials who requested and agreed to the first bill have not been contacted about these changes.

Reece said that she had spoken with Senator Mullis yesterday and he along with Reece and local political leaders would be working together this summer to come up with an election board plan that would be introduced in the next legislative session.