AM 1180 reported over a week ago about several non-profit organizations in Chattooga County that are in danger of losing their tax exempt status if they do not file the proper form with the IRS.

On Monday, AM 1180 spoke with State Court Judge Sam Finster about some confusion regarding one of the non-profits on that list.  The list was provided by the National Center for Charitable Statistics on their web site at .  The group listed several non-profit corporations in Chattooga County including one called Veterans Park Inc.  Finster said that organization is not the Veterans Park Committee that has actively worked to develop Veterans Park in Summerville.

The group listed, Veterans Park Inc., was dissolved by the Georgia Secretary of State in May of 2008 because the failed to file their annual registration.  The organization had listed as officers Earl Parriss and Bill Baisley. 

Finster said that anyone who has given money to the Veterans Park Committee should rest assured that their donations are tax-deductable.  The Veterans Memorial Park Committee is appointed by the local VFW post and operates under their direction.  The local VFW is a part of the state organization which is a 501-C19 organization recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization.