On Wednesday Governor Sonny Perdue announced that he had submitted the required certification on 51 road projects around the state that will be funded through the federal stimulus package. 

In a press release the governor stated, “These projects touch nearly every corner of our state and include some needed bridge repairs, resurfacing projects and another critical piece of the Fall Line Freeway”. 

However there are no projects on the list in our immediate area.   The closest project approved is in Polk County where there will be some resurfacing work in the Rockmart area.  Noticeably absent were Chattooga, Walker, Dade, Catoosa and Floyd Counties. 

According to the governor’s press release, he has now certified over 100 projects, which represent 95 percent of the funds that are required to be spent by June 30. As more projects become eligible, there may be additional ones added to the certification list before June 30. 

Governor Perdue submitted the certification as part of a May 4 letter to US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood. In the letter, the Governor informed Secretary LaHood that more projects will be certified as the Georgia DOT and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) amend their respective TIPs to include additional projects.