Talley Construction of Rossville will finalize its contracts with Volkswagen on Wednesday morning.

The Rossville company has the contract to pave the parking lot for the expected 2,100 employees who will work at the new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

Talley Construction will begin work on the 40-acre parking lot, which equates to 1,742,000 square feet at cost of $5.4 million or $3.10 a square foot.

The target completion date for the parking lot is February 2010, according to Mike Rose, Talley’s vice president of estimating.

Volkswagen will decide between asphalt and roller-compacted concrete. Talley has provided bids for both these materials but has not yet been informed which has been selected for use in the massive parking lot.

The project will require about a dozen Talley construction employees through the entire project, in addition to hiring several subcontractors for portions of the project like electrical wiring.

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