Search Continues For Inmates

Escaped from Hays State Prison in Northwest Georgia

Atlanta – Georgia Department of Corrections advises that along with local law enforcement and the Georgia State Patrol, the search continues for two inmates who escaped from Hays State Prison on Monday, October 13 during a recreation period by breaching the fence. The inmates are identified as Johnny Mack Brown and Michael A. Tweedel.

On Tuesday, October 14, canine units alerted on several tracks and officials believe that the escapees are still in the area surrounding Spring Creek and the vicinity of the prison. Preliminary investigation indicates that the prison’s sophisticated perimeter detection system did function appropriately, and Department officials assure that corrective measures have been taken to preclude a recurrence.

More than 65 officers and canine units, as well as Georgia State Patrol air assets, have been committed to the search effort. Rick Jacobs, GDC Director of Special Operations, said, "we will be here as long as necessary for us to apprehend the inmates and all resources of the Department will be utilized."

Authorities ask that citizens in and around the Spring Creek area continue to exercise caution and report any unusual activity, such as suspicious persons loitering in the area or property damage, to local law enforcement immediately. Citizens are urged to lock cars and homes, avoid isolated areas and secure weapons.

The Department has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday, October 15 at 10:30am. It will be held at the entrance of Hays State Prison property.

After visiting the facility today, Commissioner James E. Donald said, "our priority is the safety and security of this community. All resources are dedicated to this intensive manhunt and we expect to apprehend these felons quickly."

Brown is currently serving a life sentence for armed robbery and other violent crimes out of Clarke County.

He’s 53 years of age, 5’08", 149 pounds and has a scar on his back and right thigh. Tweedel is serving two 10-year sentences for armed robbery out of Cobb County. He’s 48 years of age, 5’06", and 153 pounds with no prominent markings.