Sam Parker, the ex-cop on trial for murder, has been found guilty.

Parker has also been found guilty on two other charges — computer invasion and violating oath of office. He has been found not guilty on the charge of making false statements.

Judge Jon “Bo” Wood sentenced Parker to life in prison on the murder conviction, five year for the false statements, five years violating oath of office, all to run concurrent.

Wood released the jury from duty.

The judge asked him if he any questions, and he replied “No, your honor,” and he left peacefully to a waiting elevator.

The jury notified the judge at 4:20 that it had made a decision. As of this morning the jury vote was 4-8 on the murder charge.

Parker was charged in February 2008 with murdering his wife Theresa. He has been in jail since then. Theresa was a dispatcher with Walker County 911. Her last known contact with anyone was about 9:30 p.m. on March 21, 2007. Her body has not been found.

Sam was a sergeant with the LaFayette Police Department when she disappeared.

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