Defense attorney David Dunn told jurors Monday morning that the prosecution has “nothing” to convict accused murderer Sam Parker.

Parker’s trial began this morning in Walker County Superior Court in downtown LaFay-ette. He is accused of murdering his wife, Theresa Parker, who has been missing since March 2007 and whose body has not been found.

“What have they found? Nothing,” Dunn said in opening arguments.

“You’ve heard it will take three weeks (for this trial). But if you look at the evidence, or lack there of, you could be out of here in three days,” Dunn said.

“Try this case fairly. Don’t let the media and the circus outside distract you,” Dunn said.

The jury was picked last week from Bartow County. It is not being sequestered. They will be brought to the courthouse each day and return home each evening. The jury, including three alternates, consists of nine women and six men.

Today’s proceedings got underway at 9:30 a.m.

Parker, a sergeant with the LaFayette Police Department when his wife disappeared, was charged in February 2008 with her murder. Theresa, a dispatcher with Walker County 911, was in the process of divorcing Sam.

District attorney Leigh Patterson, in her opening statements, said, “Theresa Parker was much more than a few lines on a police report.”

Patterson said she will focus on those who knew and saw the couple shortly before Theresa disappeared. She said they will testify about Theresa’s view on her impending di-vorce and her fear of Sam.

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