A couple from Delaware are being implicated in a May 19 robbery at the Walmart in Pennville in which a  woman had her purse snatched.  The woman reported to police that a vehicle pulled up and someone jumped out and grabbed the Trion woman’s purse.

Evidently the couple from up North headed South after purchasing some supplies at BJ’s Foodmart at Cloudland. ….with the Trion woman’s ATM card.  They travelled to Tuscaloosa, AL where they attempted another purse snatching….this time Tuscaloosa police chased them down and caught the purse snatching couple.

Turns out the man, identified as 28 year old Eric Gootee is a wanted sex offender. His 26 year old girl friend and accomplise has been identified as 26 year old Chelsey Kibbler.  Gootee is wanted for having improper relations with someone under 16.