A 15-year-old Pepperell High School student will be charged as a juvenile after taking several weapons and a white powder to the school on Tuesday.

The male student was arrested by the Floyd County Police at about 3 p.m. Tuesday after he allegedly brought a BB gun, knife and brass knuckles into the school, said Cpl. Greg Beck with the Floyd County Police Department. Beck said the teen also had some white powder in bags that was not a drug or anything else dangerous.

According to Beck, “A juvenile student was arrested at Pepperell High School. He did in fact have a pistol and possibly some other weapons. Officers arrived at the scene quickly, there were no altercations and nobody was ever endangered.”

Beck confirmed Wednesday morning that the teen will be charged in juvenile court and that he will not be allowed to return to Pepperell High School for the remained of the year. The student will complete the school year at an alternative school.

Authorities have said they do not believe the student intended to harm anyone, but any situation involving weapons and school have to be treated seriously.