The Georgia Department of Corrections held a press conference at 10:45 this morning at Hays State Prison regarding the escape of two inmates on Monday.

Derrick Schofield of the Georgia Department of Corrections Special Operations Unit told reporters that the prison system believes the inmates are still within a 16.4 square mile radius of Pennville.  Schofield did take some questions from the media, but was not very forthcoming with specifics. 

Schofield refused to comment on whether or not the peremiter towers were manned or whether they had video from the towers of the escape.  When questioned about the length of time it took for the prison to notify the media and the public, Schofield stated that the DOC follows a three tier system of notification but would not elaborate any further.  He did state the escape happened at 10:45.  It was nearly 11:45 before the alarm started sounding at the prison.  The Department of Corrections did not notify AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio or other local media of the escape or even confirm it until later Monday afternoon.  In fact Chattooga County Sheriff Ralph Kellet contacted AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio shortly before noon and confirmed that their had been an escape.

The last escape from Hays Prison happened in 2004.