James Donald Commissioner of the GA Dept of Corrections held a press conference at 10:30 a.m. this morning at Hays State Prison. Donald expressed his relief that the abducted person from Summerville was released unharmed.

The abduction took place yesterday afternoon around 4:30 PM when Johnny Mac Brown entered a residence near Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (located just off Highway 27 going towards Taylors Ridge).  Brown held the young woman at knife point and demanded clean clothes.  She was then taken by the escaped convict to Northeast Georgia where she was released and was able to make contact with her family.  Chattooga County Sheriff’s Deputies went to Franklin County to pick her up last night.

Commissioner Donald would not say whether or not Tweedle was with Johnny Mac Brown at the time of the abduction. Donald also stated that he would like to apologize to the community for the way the Dept of Corrections communicated with the public immediatly after the escape. Donald also asked the families of the escaped convicts to urge the convicts to turn themselves in.

Donald expressed his appreciation to Chattooga County Sheriff Ralph Kellett for the cooperation that the local sheriff’s department had given the Department of Corrections.