The prosecuting and defense attorneys in the Sam Parker trial say that CBS’s “48 Hours Mystery” episode that aired Saturday night on the Parker trial and disappearance of Theresa Parker was positive.

Leigh Patterson, Floyd County district attorney and prosecuting attorney in the Parker trial, said she was glad the episode presented the community in LaFayette and Walker County in a positive light. According to Patterson, she hopes the episode will help other women in similar situations of domestic violence.

David Dunn, public defender and defense attorney for Sam Parker, said, in general, he thought it was an “even-ended presentation” and acknowledges that some details did not make the episode, but he understands due to the time restraints.

Dunn said that he would like to have seen additional details that were left out of the show.

According to Dunn, the episode featured assistant public defender and Parker defense attorney Doug Woodruff, but misspelled his name as “Woodard.”

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