Qualifying for local elections is coming up in April and already there is talk that some seats will be contested.  There are several school board seats up for grab and also the post of State Court Judge and State Court Solicitor will be on the ballot.  State Representative for the 11th District will also be on the ballot, with both Democratic and Republican primaries to be held in July. Earlier this week State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, a Democrat from Menlo, told AM 1180 that she plans to qualify for another term as state representative. Recently resigned State Court Solicitor Tim Perry has indicated his intentions to run for the position of State Court Judge, a seat currently held by Judge Sam Finster who was appointed by Governor Perdue after the resignation of Carlton Vines.The qualifying fee for state court judge was set at $1452 and for the solicitor’s position at $1201.  The qualifying fee to enter the race for the local school board was set at $20.The qualifying will begin on April 26, 2010 at 9 AM and will end at noon on April 30, 2010.