The Coosa Valley Regional Development Center will become the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission in May. When this change takes place, the way in which municipal governments will be represented on the board must be finalized. Right now the issue is up in the air. Each county in the region has two representatives: one for the county (either the county commission chairman or the sole commissioner) and one for its municipalities (historically, this has been the largest city in the county). When Gov. Sonny Perdue issued a directive that Georgia’s RDCs be rearranged into Commissions in order to with align boundaries such as regional watersheds, the county’s leader was automatically seated. The issue came up again at the last meeting, and some are concerned because representatives from smaller cities would not be involved and would have been left off the board. Under the current arrangement, county governments would have the authority to seat municipality representatives. This decision has been challenged by Rome city officials, he said, as well as a few other city governments; the issue will come to a vote again today when the RDC meets.

Calhoun Times