On Friday, Nov. 27th flood damage repairs were completed on the Chickamauga-Chattooga Railroad between Trion and Lafayette.  This allowed Mount Vernon Mills to receive its first chemicals by rail since the flood.  Several car loads of starch were stranded in Lafayette and Chattanooga when the flood occured. 

According to Rep. Barbara Reece, the major damage was in Walker County and funding for repairs has been slow due to so many agencies involved.  "The GA DOT, GEMA, FEMA, and the company renting the line had to evaluate damage before a contract for repairs was let.  I and other officials have stayed in constant contact with state agencies to move the project along."

 " Work crews will begin repairs on the line from Lafayette to Chickamauga this week.  Shipping between Trion and Chattanooga should be restored within a few weeks. It has been costly for Mount Vernon to have these chemicals shipped by truck," Rep. Reece said.  Crews are repairing damage under the tracks first and will make other repairs and improvements after the connection is restored.