A 21 year old Ft Payne man, charged in May for alleged sex crimes involving a 14 year old girl, is now facing additional charges in another case.

Authorities have charged Christopher Wayne Roden of Eberhart Road, with an additional count of 2nd Degree Rape in relation to a second victim.

Ft Payne Police Commissioner Ron Ogletree stated that Roden, who was out on bond for the first set of charges was charged with DUI recently after allegedly attempting to outrun a Ft Payne patrol car.

Reportedly, a female acquaintance of Roden’s had earlier confronted him with allegations that he abused a second girl – Ogletree said that Roden confessed to the additional abuse to investigators while in jail following the DUI arrest.

Commissioner Ogletree said both of Roden’s alleged victims were 14 years of age.

Ft Payne Police Investigator David Davis said the first case of alleged rape took place at a motel, and the second at the home of one of Roden’s family members.