Enjoyed your article as one could easily see this was spoken from sincere desire from one’s political perspective about how lost we are as a country in virtually all facets of life.  Seeing both parties forget their roots, easily show that the game has changed and votes are not won by the constitutional grounds in which a person speaks from but by the “caught in the moment and degrade your opponent to sway the masses” tactic.  This method has greatly depressed myself in that the basic foundations in which our fore fathers built are hardly, if at all, recognized throughout this fascist process.

            I personally find these tactics to eventually change the issues that voters decide their choice upon.  This has lead us to a society that does not understand sound principle values and foundations like; gold backed currency, property rights, entangling alliances with foreign nations, manifesting tax programs, etc..  The list could go on and on.  What I do find surprising and disappointing is that when I speak of these things to people I find myself talking on deaf ears but in the same conversations these people cannot understand why gas prices are at $4.00/gallon, their 401K’s are rapidly dwindling, overheads by government intervention are constraining the bottom line, banks failing by the day, and taxes ever increasing even though salaries are decreasing.   

            This fall will be another sad time for our Nation as voters will go to the polls voting on the lesser evil yet again and all we will have to look forward to is either; more taxes through Obama or more inflation through McCain.  Issues like these are not what is being addressed and until this is carried out we will continue in a state of turmoil and the financial and social storm will be even worst than if it was corrected now.  I have even noticed our local political candidates to be extremely weak in the areas of greatest need and tend to brush the answers to higher governmental authorities or the tax payers.  I have listened to every candidate and have found most all of the answers to not only be flawed economically but unsustainable as well as we enter a further downturn of our once great marketplace.  I have come to the conclusion, during this election cycle, that accountability and foresight seem to be lost once someone decides to enter the political circus that we have today.

            Once again this voting season will be a major disappointment when viewing the candidates at hand and once again I will most likely show up at the booth but will sadly walk away not voting at all because under Constitutional guidelines no one was worthy  of any office in my mind.

            I close this reply with a comment I heard the other day that did bring up an interesting but sad revelation,” if the founding fathers saw us today would they have even revolted when looking at the product the USA has ultimately become”.

Brian Moseley