The National Ad Council is urging the public to take an active role in recovering abducted children. The new campaign is in conjunction with the Amber Alert System and will send text messages to your cell phone when a child is missing so that the public can be more aware of the situation and help guide police in catching an abductor. The first three hours after a child’s abduction are the most critical to recovery efforts.  This statistic was the driving force behind the creation of the AMBER alerts program, an early response system that began in 1997 using radio as its primary delivery method.  The program has helped reunite more than 260 children with their families.

Wireless AMBER Alerts are text messages that are sent out to subscribers as soon as local law enforcement releases an AMBER Alert.  Important information about the child or any known information about the abductors or the vehicle are included.Anyone capable of receiving text messages and whose wireless carrier is a participant in the program can sign up to receive Wireless AMBER Alerts.  About 70% of Americans would be eligible. 

The website that the public can visit to sign up for this service is

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