The Georgia House of Representatives adopted HR 2157 authored by Rep. Tommy Smith and co-sponsored by Rep. Barbara Reece.  The resolution recognizes May 6, 2010 as the National Day of Prayer and calls upon Georgians to join in this important observance.
According to Rep. Reece, "This tradition dates back to George Washington and the Continental Congress which set aside a day of prayer in 1775.  In 1863, President Lincoln signed a resolution designating a national day of prayer.  Later, Congress unanimously passed a bill proclaiming the National Day of Prayer.  It was signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1952"
The Resolution notes that as American troops continue fighting for liberty throughout the world, Americans will celebrate the freedom to assemble, worship, and pray on this 59th Annual National Day of Prayer.
The National Day of Prayer observance in Chattooga County is being put together by the Chattooga Ministerial Association and the Chattooga County Prayer Force.  Organizers will hold a county-wide event at the CHS Football Field this coming Thursday at 6 PM.