Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D-Menlo) explained her vote against a property tax cap earlier this week when she addressed the Chattooga County Democratic Party at their regular monthly meeting. Representative Reece said that while she would be in favor of capping home owner’s property tax rates she voted against the bill in the Georgia House that came up in the legislative session because it would have also capped the property taxes on major corporations with large landholdings in the state.  Reece said that she saw the bill as benefiting large out of state corporations with landholdings more than the average homeowner in the state. Reece did vote in favor of a bill that will cap the assessment of homeowner’s properties for two years.  That bill, according to Reece, will help the “average person” in Northwest Georgia. Reece said that overall much of the legislation that was presented by the Republican controlled legislature would have benefited a few wealthy groups at the expense of workers and homeowners.