State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, a Democrat from Menlo, told AM 1180 Chattooga Radio News that she supports a special legislative session to help resolve the state’s budget crisis.

Statewide, Democratic leaders and some Republicans, including Senator Preston Smith of Rome have called for a special legislative session to deal with the budget shorfall.  Governor Perdue has announced sweeping cuts to help resolve the problem.

Reece stated that she is concerned vital services may be cut with the governors plans.  Reece said that with a special session legislators might be able to find ways to cut capital improvement projects, or delay them for several years during and help ease the money crisis in the state without having to cut vital services.

Reece went on to say that she has talked with state officials and has assurance that the Fish Hatchery in Chattooga County will not be affected by the budget shortfall.  Some area residents were concerned about the possibility that the Hatchery located between Summerville and Menlo might be affected after it was announced that the state Trout Hatchery at Lake Burton would be closed.