State Representative Barbara Massey Reece has some questions about the current Pay To Stay bill that is making it’s way through the Georgia General Assembly. 

The bill would require state inmates to pay for part of the incarceration fees while in state custody.  Also the bill would require inmates with the ability to pay for their own medical expenses to come up with the money. Opponents of the bill say that it would penalize the families of those inmates that had to pay. 

Also there are concerns that if an inmate uses up all their savings while in prison it may push them towards more criminal activity when they are released.   Reece has stated to the media that her concerns center around inmates returning to society after their prison term is up. 

Reece stated …"The inmates need something to return to in order to reenter society.”

The House State Institutions and Property Committee has reviewed House Bill 295 sponsored by Rep. Roger Lane, R-Darien. Any property or assets inmates currently hold or obtain in the future would be subject to being seized to pay off fees under the bill.